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Recovery of Coral Populations at Helen Reef Atoll After a Major Bleaching Event  by Yimnang Golbuu, Jay Andrew, Geory Mereb, Robert van Woesik. PICRC Technical Report 13-03, July 2013.

Julie M. Risien and Bryan Tilt: A Comparative Study of Community-based Sea Turtle Management in Palau: Key Factors for Successful Implementation. Conservation and Society 6(3): 225-237.

Julie Barr: Community-based sea turtle monitoring and management at Helen Reef, Hatohobei State, Republic of Palau. Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 2006. 204 pp.


Palau sea turtle tracking map
Global Coral Reef Alliance
Hotsarihie (Helen Reef) Project Report:
September 30 2004

Thomas J. Goreau, Wolf Hilbertz, Sabino Sackarias, Huan Hosei, & Hatohobei State Marine Park Rangers
Hatohobei Conservation at Helen Reef: Benefiting People and Wildlife. News of the Helen Reef Resource Management Project's monitoring trip to Helen Reef.

Wayne Andrew

Photo by Paul Homar
Wayne Andrew
and his LMMA Profile

Sustaining Conservation at Helen Reef:
A Summary of Current Costs and Sustainable Financing Needs, June 2003
Bureau of Marine Resource's Marine Turtle Conservation and Monitoring Project's January 2007 sea turtle tracking map gives evidence of turtles nesting in Palau and then swimming to Indonesia. View as PDF
New Zealand ODA Helen Reef Progress Report
May 2, 2002
A Pacific Odyssey, Caspar Henderson, Open Democracy,
16 September 2004: an article about the Global Coral Reef Alliance's Helen Reef Project

For more information about the GCRA method,
see the Global Coral Reef Alliance website.
Pacific Islands Regional Assessment Group: Preparing for a Changing Climate: the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change for Pacific Islands.
October 2001

Helen Reef Project: Proposed Education & Awareness Program
Helen Reef
Kevin Weng Photograph
Helen Reef Pilot Surveillance/Deterrence Program
June 29, 2001

Helen Reef Action Committee &
Community Conservation Network
Helen Reef Resource Management Program Press Release
Koror, Palau, September 13, 2003: Preparing for Poachers

LMMA Network Newsletter, September 2003:
Helen Reef Project News

Conceptual Model Development: Helen Reef LMMA Project
September 2000-July 2001
Hatohobei State Legislature:   An Act to establish management & conservation of the natural resources of Helen Reef, November 2001
Helen Reef
Table Summary of Preliminary Conceptual Modeling
Hatohobei State Marine Resources
Atoll Way, September 1, 2000
Message from Michael D. Guilbeaux & Memorandum to Helen Reef Action Committee & the Hatohobei State Government, January 2001
Helen Reef Place Names
by D. Sapio, PCV & S. Saharias, Governor, Hatohobei State
Enforcement Grant Awarded
PDF Word
Hotsarihie News September 2000 Photographs from Monitoring Expedition August 2000
Evaluating Measures of Success for Hatohobei & Management of Marine Resources at Helen Reef July 2000 Helen Reef Newsletter,
September, 1999
Helen Reef Church
Resurrection Church, Helen Reef (from 2001 Help Rebuild St. Joseph Church Calendar)
Project to Eradicate Alien Rats on Helen Island, Hatohobei State
June 1, 2000
Helen Reef Ownership Meeting, August 1999 Photographs from Helen Reef
April/May 2000
Helen Reef Marine Resource Monitoring Expedition: Executive Summary
May 2000
Journal of Events in Tobi & Helen Reef
September 1995
NOAA Photographs
Marine Resources of Helen Reef in the Year 2000
Community Conservation Network
Helen Reef Project Description
Helen Reef Project News

Kevin Weng's Photographs
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Planning for the Future of Helen Reef
by Peter W. Black,
January 2000
 International Incidents  
Kayangel Trip Report,
September 1999
1990: Captured Indonesian Fishing Boat Helen Reef from Space
The 1991-1992 rapid ecological assessment of
Palau's coral reefs
by J.E. Maragos and C.W. Cook, Jr.

Marine Survey of Helen Reef, 12-17 April 1975
Patrick G. Bryan,
Marine Biologist
  Photographs from Helen Reef, 1998,
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