Tobian Vocabulary: Colors

Language in Use

Words for colors by Isauro Andrew
A beginning list as always.

Tobian Audio English Contributed Comments/Examples/Sources
bechebech Isauro white   Emasuh pirisira ebechebech. The white dog is sleeping.
hangahang Isauro red Isauro Andrew 2006 Ehangahang char rabut. Snake blood is red.
hawahawo Isauro blue Isauro Andrew 2009 Quackenbush Word List No. 134. Isauro said there is a word for blue but not for green. The Quackenbush word was for blue, green.
meiseiso Isauro black Isauro Andrew 2009 Cf. Quackenbush Word List No. 135; moaiseiso.
moaiseiso Isauro black Isauro Andrew 2006 Boan suhurae emoaiseiso. The ground on those hills over there is black.

Updated: March 12, 2014