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Bisir sire menae. Isauro   That is my mother's sister. Example for bis:sibling of same sex (brother or sister). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Boan suhurae emoaiseiso. Isauro   The ground on those hills over there is black. Example for moaiseiso:black. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Char emir imuihiri suuh. Isauro   The lake is behind the hill. Example for suuh:hill. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Chirihetira erap ra esu nihehepari charurae. Isauro   There is a big tree near the stream. Example for chirihet:tree. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eba fitihoe. Isauro   The meat is rotten. Example for ba:rotten. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebah iheie, harie bara pahur. Isauro   These fish are spoiled, give me some others. Example for bara pahur:
other (different). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebe bito ifir riwerengira ebech. Isauro   He will come in the dry season. Example for riwerengiribech:dry season (hot season). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebe pipie fis bongei. Isauro   Tonight there a lot of stars. Example for fis:star. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebebito ifiri pari. Isauro   He will come to the party. Example for ebebito:to come. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebech charuye. Isauro   The water is hot. Example for bech:hot. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebechebech hin huubom. Isauro   The skin on your leg is white. Example for huub:leg. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebemes koko ba etei mangau. Isauro   The chicken will die if it does not eat. Example for mes:to die. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebirong renim. Isauro   He went into the house. Example for iran:into. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebito nga ichuherimir itere. Isauro   He came (and he is still here). Example for iye:he. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebito nga ichuherimir itere. Isauro   She came (and she is still here). Example for iye:she. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ebito nga ichuherimir itere. Isauro   It came (and it is still here). Example for iye:it. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eburohongar terirae uwasei ra ekeng.     He cuts the rope with a sharp knife. Example for ekeng:sharp. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Echa paur. Isauro   He has blood on his arm. Example for pau:arm. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Echam yam hasih. Isauro   There is blood on your spear. Example for cha:blood. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Echau fasura. Isauro   The stone is heavy. Example for echau:heavy. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Echaurap yenae. Isauro   The road is wide. Example for chaurap:wide. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Echuhangarihich. Isauro   Yes we can. Isauro Andrew 2009.
Echuh ba sibe hekene tari marurae. Isauro   We could see all the animal's intestines. Example for tar:intestines. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Echuheribech moarisoye. Isauro   The ashes are still hot. Example for moariso:ash. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efangangar chauruwar moar yar pepa. Isauro   She sent her boyfriend a letter. Example for fangaroh:to send a letter. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efas     The baby is born. Example for fas:born. Isauro Andrew 2009
Efasufos reniyer. Isauro   There are stones in the path. Example for fas:stone. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efaut hubar. Isauro   He tied his feet (up). Example for faufou:to tie up. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efefeter nga echinger. Isauro   He was singing as he walked. Example for fefeter:to walk. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efefeter reniyer. Isauro   He is walking along the road. Example for fefeter:to walk. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efeifinae ehachaichito ma retet. Isauro   She is running from the lagoon. Example for to:from (place). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efetiri reni yenae. Isauro   There is grass on the path. Example for fetiri:grass. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efirefir yang. Isauro   The wind is blowing. Example for yang:wind. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Efisiri wor nga etei masuh. Isauro   He lay down but he is not sleeping. Example for masuh:to sleep. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehahifou charuye. Isauro   The water is cold. Example for hahifou:cold. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehangahang char rabut. Isauro   Snake blood is red. Example for hangahang:
red. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehangahang pauryaraer marurae. Isauro   The bird's wings are red. Example for paurier:wing (arm for flying). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eharourout ufar. Isauro   There is urine on his clothes. Example for urine:harourou. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eharubuhara fas nitawo sewa. Isauro   He hurled the rock a long way. Example for harub:to hurl. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehawahawaha sewa ma raur. Isauro   He loves his child very much. Example for hawahawah:
to love. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehehepa yaf. Isauro   He is near the fire. Example for hahep:near. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eheihehi bautur. Isauro   He is scratching his nose. Example for baut: nose. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eheihehie hin chapachapari hubar. Isauro   He is scratching the skin on his feet. Example for hin:skin. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eheihehi hepir. Isauro   He is scratching his hip. Example for hapi:hip. Isauro Andrew 2006. Note that hapi is impolite; the polite word is tahuh.
Eheihehi ruhur taringar. Isauro   He is scratching behind his ear. Example for taring: ear. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehekene rabut ra eyerei. Isauro   He saw a long snake.

Example for yerei:long. Isauro Andrew 2006.

Ehihita pie ma retet. Isauro   He is getting sand out of the ocean water. Example for pie:sand. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehitehit boar. Isauro   The ground is dry. Example for hitehit:dry. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehitehit bour ifiri bechir yauhar. Isauro   The ground is dry during the dry season. Example for bour:ground. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehocha pahur chehei. Isauro   He ate some eggs. Example for chehei:egg. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehochoch eserih? Isauro   Did he eat the fish's liver? Example for es:liver. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehochohoch fasura erap itonae. Isauro   There is a big black stone over there. Example for erap:big. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ehusu nunusur han. Isauro He bit his tongue. Example for nunusuruhan: tongue. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ekuk fitihorimar ren yongoh. Isauro   He cooks the meat in oil. Example for yongoh:oil. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ekupeti yar uwasei. Isauro   He is looking for his knife. Example for kup:to look for. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ekuru tiperi feifinae ba emes raur. Isauro   She is sad because her child is dead. Example for kurutip:sad (non-crying). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ema ba etei fah yar fiteh Isauro   He is ashamed because he did not do his work. Example for ma:to be ashamed. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emahoni touhat     Good afternoon. Isauro Andrew 2009
Emasari ba ebe hokom. Isauro   He likes to play. Example for masarie:to like. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emasoh wor huhobong. Isauro   He slept for two days. Example for bong:day (24 hours). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emasuh itere. Isauro   He sleeps here. Example for itere:here (close by). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emasuh pirisira ebechebech. Isauro   The white dog is sleeping. Example for bechebech: white. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ematah hachechih. Isauro   He is afraid of rats. Example for hachechih:rat. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ematahu sewa ma tamar. Isauro   He is very afraid of his father. Example for matah:to fear. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emir ichur wa. Isauro   He is on the canoe. Example for ichur:on. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emir horomaha. Isauro   It is on the right. Example for horoumaha:
right (direction). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emir worim. Isauro   He is on the roof. Example for iwor:on. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emoch yach tari. Isauro   Our rope is short. Example for tari:rope. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emochoho moanae. Isauro   That man is bad. Example for mochoho:bad (wicked). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emoh fitihoe. Isauro   It's good meat. Example for fitiho:meat. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emot horouchehin ma mayangar. Isauro   He is sitting to the left of his sister. Example for horouchehiri:
left (direction).Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emot imihirim. Isauro   He is sitting behind the house. Example for imihir:behind.Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emot itonae. Isauro   He is sitting over there. Example for itonae:there (at a distance). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emot wori boar. Isauro   He is sitting on the ground. Example for mot:to sit down. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emotor moanae. Isauro   The man is hungry for meat. Example for motor:hungry for meat. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emour piha me rauch koko. Isauro   He stole our chickens. Example for pihaf:to steal. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emour wehi me yar uwasei. Isauro   He found his knife. Example for wehi:to find. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emurat hubar. Isauro   He is rubbing his leg. Example for muromur:to rub. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Emutahirara uruteri han. Isauro   He was vomiting everything he had eaten. Example for mut:to vomit. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Enau iheye. Isauro   The fish is good. Example for enau:good (to the taste). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Engangas sewa. Isauro   He is breathing hard. Example for engangas:to breathe hard. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Engongo siyom. Isauro   Your belly is swollen. Example for siie:belly. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Engungura uuhar. Isauro   His neck is swollen. Example for uuh: neck. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epeitarong yar bieu renicharhehis. Isauro   He throws (away) a fishing trap into the stream. Example for charhehis:stream. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epeitarong yar bieu reniwou. Isauro   He throws (away) a fishing trap into the river. Example for wau:river. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epet roauye. Isauro   The lagoon is not deep. Example for roau:lagoon. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epie reniyer. Isauro   There is sand on the road. Example for pie:sand. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epipie fis ren yauhari. Isauro   There are many stars in the sky. Example for yauhari:sky. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epipie sewa ih. Isauro   There are a lot of fish. Example for ih:fish. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epipie ufach. Isauro   We have a lot of clothes. Example for uf:clothes. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epongomau moanae. Isauro   The man is good. Example for pongomau:good (nice, kind). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Epuhutuh moarawe maichur chirihet. Isauro   The man fell out of the tree. Example for puhutuh:to fall. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Erap chapachapari huubar. Isauro   He has big feet. Example for chapachapari hub:foot. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Erap char me sirimi. Isauro   We drank a lot of water. Example for erap:a lot of (water). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Erap chimar nga eyarai uuhar. Isauro   He has a big head and long neck. Example for chim:head. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Erap kiriseri marurae. Isauro   This animal has a lot of fat. Example for kiris:fat. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Erap ut riwerengie ihara. Isauro   It has rained a lot this rainy season. Example for riwerengirut:rainy season. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Erau uut. Sebas   It's going to rain. Sebastian Marino 2004. Not as the younger set says, Enaut.
Erimi chen hin chirihetrae. Isauro   He is sucking the bark of that tree. Example for hinchirihet:tree bark. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Esepi chimeri rabut. Isauro   He cut off the snake's head. Example for sepi:to cut off. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Esibihata seyau teberiha ra emoch. Isauro   He picked up a short stick. Example for moch:short. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Esung hariweichie. Isauro   The child is hungry. Example for sung:hungry. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etafa pahur fitiho. Isauro   He cut up some meat. Example for tafataf:to cut up.Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etahun mena ewor itonae. Isauro   The lump is round. Example for tahun:round. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etahura iter sirei. Isauro   He does not know my mother's name. Example for it:name. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etamau bour fitihoe. Isauro   The meat has a bad smell. Example for bour:smell, odor. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etao ma itere. Isauro   He is far from here. Example for tao:far. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etawas paur. Isauro   He has a wound on his arm. Example for tawasi:wound. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eteitipar ba ebe moungau reis. Isauro   He refused to eat rice. Example for moungau:to eat vegetables and processed fruit. Isauro Andrew 2006. See Dialogue About Two Words for Eating: mangau and hochoch.
Etei titiro ba emengimeng. Isauro   He is not saying anything, he is thinking. Example for mengimeng:
to think. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eteinau iheye. Isauro   This fish tastes bad. Example for teinau:bad (to the taste). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eteteng ba sin ewoutu. Isauro   He is crying because his mother hit him. Example for teteng:to cry/weep. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etipahiri feifir. Isauro   He desires a woman. Example for tipahiri:to desire. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etiperi tut moangau. Isauro   He wants some food. Example for tiperi:to want. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Etirang pahur tamuch. Isauro   He split some firewood. Example for tiretir:to split. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eto ribarae. Isauro   The hole is deep. Example for eto:deep. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Euho yaf. Isauro   He is blowing on the fire. Example for uhu:to blow. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Euhu han. Isauro   He is blowing on the food. Example for uhu:to blow. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ewo char iren kop. Isauro   There is water in the cup. Example for iran:in. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ewoh hus wochimeh hariweichikarae. Isauro   The children have lice in their hair. Example for hus:louse. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ewoh ih ren uhakara yami. Isauro   You (plural) have some fish in your nets. Example for uh:net. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ewoh ih ren yami bieu. Isauro   You (plural) have some fish in your fishing trap. Example for bieu:fishing trap. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ewor nga etei masuh. Isauro   He is lying down but he is not sleeping. Example for wor:to lie down. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eworo woripie. Isauro   He is lying on the sand bank. Example for pie:sand. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eworohau wor fetir. Isauro   There is dew on the grass. Example for worohau:dew. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ewoutu chapirihubar. Isauro   He hit him on the thigh. Example for chapirihub:thigh. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eyafis pachari rauch piris. Isauro   He pulled our dog's tail. Example for pach:tail. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eyamir tahuhunaur. Isauro   She is washing her child's bottom. Example for tahuh:buttocks. Note tahuh is also polite word for hapi:hip.
Eyamiir tutur. Isauro   She is washing her breast. Example for tut:breast. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eyamuir hair. Isauro   He is washing his penis. Example for hai:penis. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eyarai yani chimeri faifinae. Isauro   She has long hair. Example for yanichim: hair. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eyauchih yenae. Isauro   The road is narrow. Example for yauchih:narrow. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eyenei wahahari chirihetikarae. Isauro   Those trees have long roots. Example for wahah:root. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Eyerei chirihetira itonae. Isauro   There is a tall tree over there. Example for yerei:tall. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Faifinae e pachih yawar. Isauro   She has a small mouth. Example for yawo: mouth. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Fayau teberiha ma soruyou wa. Isauro   Four sticks and three canoes. Example for fayau:four long thin things. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Fefirakarae hepuroh tamuch. Isauro   The women are tying up the firewood. Example for tamuch:firewood. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae efihehi yenchimeri ma bisir. Isauro   She is braiding her sister's hair. Example for fiheh:to braid. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae efiya tutur. Isauro   She is squeezing her breast. Example for fiefi:to squeeze softly. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae ehachaichira retet. Isauro   She is running toward the lagoon. Example for ra:toward. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae ehachap wot. Isauro   She is cultivating taro. Example for hachap:to cultivate. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae ehamuir tuhar. Isauro   She is washing her vagina. Example for tuh:vagina. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae eheseheseherong char ran kop. Isauro   The woman is pouring water into the cup. Example for seheroh:to pour. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae emour fotoh pipier buroh. Isauro   She planted a lot of giant taro. Example for fotofot:to plant. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae esum raur tumucho. Isauro   She is cultivating her sweet potatoes. Example for esum tumucho:to cultivate sweet potato. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae etutu retet. Isauro   She is washing herself in the lagoon. Example for tutu:to wash a person. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae ewasuh ufar. Isauro   She is washing her clothes. Example for was:to wash. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae ewonguwong huruhur. Isauro   She is squeezing a lemon Example for wonguwong:to squeeze out. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifinae ewoutu heriweich. Isauro   She hit the child. Example for wouwou:to hit. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Feifirakarae hechinger bong. Isauro   The women sang all night. Example for chinger:to sing. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Fen Emilio. Isauro   Emilio's canoe house. Example for fare: canoe house. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ferehuheh fen tamonur faruh. Isauro   The main spirit house belongs to the high chief. Example for ferehuheh: main spirit house. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Fisimar ih ma woromar piris. Isauro   Seven fish and six dogs. Example for fisimar:seven creatures. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Fisir sum. Isauro   That is an old mound. Example for sum:mound. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hamatangari habang sumur tumuchora Isauro   Hurry up and finish that potato mound. Example for sumu tumucho:potato mound. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hanahangariei ma imomu ra ehapar. Isauro   Show me your hut. Example for hanah:to show. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hangari faifinae baebe bitiho ipoar ba eteing. Isauro   Tell that girl to go to the menstrual house because she is bleeding. Example for ipoar: menstrual house. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Haraseyahu hosori marurae. Isauro   That animal has only one horn. Example for hosor:horn. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hariei uwaseira. Isauro   Give me the knife. Example for uwasei:knife. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Harie taot char. Isauro   Give him some water. Example for char:water. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Has pamukengie. Isauro   Take the pumpkin. Example for pamukeng:pumpkin. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hasi cheheie seih ma huhafas. Isauro   Take these twelve eggs. Example for hasi:to take. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hasihihabohobohorae esou reni horouchehin paur. Isauro   The arrow pierced his left arm. Example for hasihihabohoboh:arrow. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hasihirae esou reni horoumahari paur. Isauro   The spear pierced his right arm. Example for hasih:spear. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hasuteringaei! Isauro   Listen to me! Example for hasutering:to listen. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hautar menae. Isauro   That is his wife's sister or her husband's brother. Example for haut:spouse's same sex sibling. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hebito nga hechuherimir itere. Isauro   They came (and they are still here). Example for he:they. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hehutufotuh wor boar. Isauro   They all spat on the ground. Example for hutuf:to spit. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Heibito nga heichuherimir itere. Isauro   We came (and we are still here). Example for hei:we [exclusive]. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hemour bira tefich koko. Isauro   They went to hunt chickens. Example for tefich:to hunt. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hemurat meteh. Isauro   They were rubbing their eyes. Example for mat: eye. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hepeipeirong pesipes rani rib. Isauro   They throw the garbage into the hold. Example for peipeiroh:to throw (general). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Heriei cheheira seih ma huhuafas. Isauro   Give me those twelve eggs. Example for herie:to give. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Herihemem tot sor. Isauro   Give us some salt. Exmple for sor:salt. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Heriweich hehecheichich nga hebahuh nga hememeri. Isauro   The children were running, dancing, and laughing. Example for hecheichich:
to run.Isauro Andrew 2006.
Heriweichikarae hehokom. Isauro   The children are playing. Exaample for hokom:to play. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hetei fein ba hehokom. Isauro   They are not fighting, they are playing. Example for fein:to fight. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hipouh yafira. Isauro   Fan the fire. Example for hipou: fan. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hobe puhuhoto. Isauro   You will come with him. Example for puhuhoto:to come (with a person). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hobe tingi nga epongutuh. Isauro   When you push him, he falls. Example for titi:to push. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hobito nga emouchuh. Isauro   He left when you arrived. Example for ebito:to arrive. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hobito nga emouchuh. Isauro   He left when you arrived. Example for echuh:to leave (go away)
Hobito nga hochuherimir itere. Isauro   You came (and you are still here). Example for her:you [singular]. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hobobito inget? Isauro   When will you come? Example for inget:when. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hochuheri hihi? Isauro   Is your marriage over? Example for hihi:marriage. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hotowai hapungu chirara. Isauro   Don't suck on that bone. Example for hapung:to suck. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hotowai teteng. Isauro   Do not cry. Example for towai:not. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Houbito nga houchuherimir itere. Isauro   You came (and you are still here). Example for ngami:you [plural]. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Houhura yahamatae. Isauro   You [plural] know this person. Example for hura:to know. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Hubar ma paur engongoroh. Isauro   His arms and legs are swelling up. Example for ngongo:to swell. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Huhamar moar ma samar feifir. Isauro   Two men and one woman. Example for huhamar:two creatures. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Huhei chehei. Isauro   Twenty eggs. Example for huhei fasur:twenty round things
Ibito nga ichuherimir itere. Isauro   I came (and I am still here). Example for ngang:I. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ichuh banachah ba hopungutuh. Isauro   I laughed because you fell. Example for banachah: because. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Iefief tari. Isauro   I am pulling on the rope. Example for yefiyef:to pull. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ifefeter imihir. Isauro   I am walking behind him. Example for imihir:behind. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ifisifis batabatari unchirihet. Isauro   I am burning the dry leaves. Example for unchirihet:leaf. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ifisifis fetir. Isauro   I burned the grass. Example for fisifis:to burn. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ihahoya chahaikarai. Isauro   I counted the eggs. Example for hahoyohoyo:
to count. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ihekene buhohorief. Isauro   I can see the smoke of the fire. Example for buhoh:smoke. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ihekene mayangar sirei. Isauro   I saw my mother's brother. Example for mayangang: maternal uncle or paternal aunt. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ihekene ubuteri feifinae. Isauro   I see the woman's navel. Example for ubot:navel. Isauro Andrew 2006.
I heteharoh heriweich ba ebe kato char. Isauro   I sent the child to fetch water. Example for heteharoh:to send [literally: release]. Isauro Andrew 2006.
I hihi hie. Crispin   I am collecting clams or I married a clam. Crispin Emilio 2004. Dave Sapio created the phrase.
Ihongohong ba feifir hechingeri. Isauro   I hear the women singing. Example for hongohong:
to hear. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ihongohong ba houmemer. Isauro   I can hear you [plural] laughing. Example for memer: to laugh. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ihura urutar. Isauro   I know them all. Example for urutar:all. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ih ya neinsi pai.     The fish is biting. Fishing Lore of Tobi (Peter W. Black 1968). Also Ich.
Imara esu mokuwou ma imei. Isauro   That house nearer (than we are as we speak) the beach is my house. Example for mokuwou:
toward the outside. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Imaseri ba ibe heihehie tahuhu. Isauro   I want to scrach my back. Example for heiheh:to scratch oneself. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Imengi nga hobar bito. Isauro   I hope you will come back again. Example for mengimeng:to hope. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Imetah farfari moyo. Isauro   I am afraid of the cat's claws. Example for farar:claw. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Imeye eiheheh yarasu. Isauro   This house is securely standing Example for iheheh: securely resting in place. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ingei sewa ba ehameteh pei. Isauro   I have a pain on the arm. Example for ngei:to suffer. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ipeitara me yai teberiha nitao sewa. Isauro   I threw my stick a long way. Example for teberiha:stick. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Iramaii.     It's right. That's it. Isauro Andrew 2009.
Ireh feifir     old lady Isauro Andrew 2009.
Isibihata safas fasupachih. Isauro   I pick up a small stone. Example for pachih:small. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Isoh ba etwasi chapachapari hubei. Isauro   I said my feet hurt. Example for esoh:to say. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Itahura   I do not know Isauro Andrew 2009  
Itapa ba etwasi chapachapari hubei. Isauro   I said my feet hurt. Example for tapa:to say. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Itohongohong ma hosoh. Isauro   I cannot hear what you say. Example for esoh:to say. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Itohongohong ma hotopa. Isauro   I cannot hear what you say. Example for tapa:to say. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Itohura moana hir. Isauro   I don't know her husband. Example for hi:husband. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Itou? Isauro   Who is it? Example for itou:who. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Itou ma ebito? Isauro   Who came? Example for itou:who. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Itowae hangi irae. Isauro   I don't eat that. Example for irae:that. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Iwah pahari piris. Isauro   I found some dog's excrement. Example for peyah:excrement. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Iwasa makasfei e eteifou. Isauro   I washed my new clothes. Example for teifou:new. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Iya me rei koko? Isauro   Where is my chicken? Example for iya:where. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Maebe hochouchou yauhar nga etachuh ba sibe hekene maham. Isauro   When there are clouds, we cannot see the moon. Example for maham:moon. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Mai ru hur hog.     Beyond the reef. Fishing Lore of Tobi (Peter W. Black 1968). Also Mai rugur hoch.
Maorakawe hebahuh bong. Isauro   The men danced all night. Example for bahuh:to dance. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Mar eyaunap chir. Isauro   The animal has large bones. Example for chi:bone. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Mar eyeyer nga ih etei yeyer. Isauro   Birds fly but fish do not. Example for yeyeri:to fly. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Marukarae hahachaichichingar suhurae. Isauro   The animals are running toward the hill. Example for mar:animal. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Maryerer hemangau bihir. Isauro   Birds eat seeds. Example for maryeyer:bird (flying animal). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Mehi ehawerewer mangau. Isauro   My wife prepared the food. Example for hawerewer:to prepare food. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Menae habari fer. Isauro   That is an old canoe house. Example for fare: canoe house. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Mesin emes fauo masirap we eroh. Isauro   Their mother died four years ago. Example for masirap:year. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Mesireh emes fauo masirap weeroh. Isauro   Their mother died four years ago. Example for siresir:mother. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Meta fauhur yam was ufom? Isauro   How do you wash your clothes? Example for meta fauhur:
how (in what way). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Meta hofafauh? Isauro   What are you [singular] doing? Example for fauh:to do or to make. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Metemei esorumor hir. Isauro   My father has three wives. Example for hi:wife. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Metamam erie rabut. Isauro   Your father killed a snake. Example for tamatam:father. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Meta mere? Isauro   What is it? Example for meta:what. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Moanae eriberib war. Isauro   He is burying the fertilizer. Example for riberib:to bury. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Moarakarae habarabira maur. Isauro   The men are going off to war. Example for maur:war. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Mototuh itonae. Isauro   Sit down over there. Example for mot:to sit down. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Moyorae eriri hachechih. Isauro   The cat killed the rat. Example for moyo:cat. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ngaesa bito isachuh. Isauro   If he comes, I will leave. Example for ngaesa:if. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ngiir piris makae. Isauro   These are dog's teeth. Example for ngii: tooth. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Nihar meihara. Isauro   It is daylight. Example for nihari: daylight. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Pahur hesu nga pahur hemot. Isauro   Some are standing, others are sitting. Example for su:to stand up. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Peitarong pesipesira rani rib. Isauro   Throw the garbage in the hole. Example for rib:hole. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Pesipesi ehahapa im. Isauro   There is garbage near the house. Example for pesipesi:garbage. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Piris ehusu heriweich. Isauro   The dog bit the child. Example for kuk:to bite (not eat). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Piris ekahaut boar. Isauro   The dog is scratching the ground. Example for kahau:to scrach. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Pirisikaye hetongu bour fitiho. Isauro   The dogs smelled the meat. Example for tongutong:to smell, to sniff. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Rabut hemetah yaf. Isauro   Snakes are afraid of fire. Example for yaf:fire. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Rabut ma ewor wor fatirirae. Isauro   There is a snake in the grass. Example for rabut:snake. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Raum hariweich erap sewa yar teteng. Isauro   Your children cry a lot. Example for hariweich:child. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Reguri feifir     old lady Peter Black, 2009.
Rimafas chehei ma fafas fas. Isauro   Five eggs and four stones. Example for rimafas:five round things.
Rimou haperim ren yam wotot. Isauro   There are five huts in your village. Example for haperim:hut. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Romeo mori puhuroh.     Romeo has died. Example for puhuroh:he or she is dead. Isauro Andrew 2009.
Rua eso mokurong ma yam ruh. Isauro   The coconut tree nearer the interior (than we are as we speak). Example for mokurong: toward the interior. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Samar ih ma huhamar mar. Isauro   One fish and two birds. Example for samar:one creature. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Samar moar ebahuh nga samar e chinger. Isauro   One man danced and the other sang. Example for moar:man. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sebas war Isauro. Isauro   Sebas is Isauro's wife's brother. Example for war:spouse's opposite sex sibling. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Seih ma huhafas chehei. Isauro   Twelve eggs. Example for seih ma
twelve round things. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Seihetiho feifir. Isauro   Ten women. Example for seihetiho:ten creatures. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sibar hekene fanganihich sahar. Rosa   We hope to see each other again some day. Rosa Andrew 2004
Seruman temamata ri hahang, nga seiheitu nuhuh ma hohonghong ma iyohoih. Isauro   If you have 3 Echang people you'll have 10 new rumors Isauro Andrew 2006
Si fefeter reniyer. Isauro   We are walking on the road. Example for yare:road. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sibe rur char. Isauro   We will drink water. Example for rur:to drink. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sibito nga sichuherimir itere. Isauro   We came (and we are still here). Example for hich:we [inclusive]. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Siheken mayangar feifinae. Isauro   We saw that woman's brother. Example for mayangang: sibling of opposite sex (brother or sister). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Siheken yaro. Isauro   We can see the sun. Example for yaro:sun. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Simatah nibong. Isauro   We are afraid of the night. Example for nibong:night. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sima war Rosa. Isauro   Sisma is Rosa's husband's sister. Example for war:spouse's opposite sex sibling. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Simour hebengi fitehie. Isauro   We have finished this work. Example for ebeng:to finish. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sirei ehafasayai. Isauro   My mother gave birth to me. Example for hafasafas:to give birth. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sirei feifinae. Isauro   That woman is my mother. Example for feifir:woman. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sobuhuh chehei. Isauro   Hundred eggs. Example for sobuhuh fasur:hundred round things. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sorumar heriweich ma huhamar piris. Isauro   Three children and two dogs. Example for sorumor:three creatures. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Sorumor raur metamai piris hemes. Isauro   My father's three dogs are dead. Example for piris:dog. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Suta iyat. Isauro   Stand up. Example for su:to stand up. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Tamam esoh ba hotowei bahuh. Isauro   Your father said, "don't dance!" Example for esoh:to say. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Tamam etapa ba hotowei bahuh. Isauro   Your father said, "don't dance!" Example for tapa:to say. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Tamar ehekene. Isauro   He was seen by his father. Example for hekene:to see
Tamonur faruh yehatooh ren farehuheh ba ebemehochah ren faruh ma yahamat. Isauro   The chief talked to the spirits in the main spirit house to make our island secure. Example for ferehuheh: main spirit house. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Tarapari hochou eharuh yaro. Isauro   The sun is behind a big cloud [the sun is blocked by the big cloud]. Example for hochou:cloud. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Tiwomar heriweich. Isauro   Nine children. Example for tiwomar:nine creatures. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Topoie efauhuyehi ma ifir pour toh. Isauro   This adze is made from giant clamshell. Example for toh:giant clamshell. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ureri mayorae ehochohoch. Isauro   The cat's fur is black. Example for urour: fur. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Ut ehafeheya un chirihet. Isauro   The rain washes the leaves. Example for ut: rain. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Warimar moar. Isauro   Eight men. Example for warimar:eight creatures. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Wasa habarufakae. Isauro   Wash these old clothes. Example for habar:old (worn). Isauro Andrew 2006.
Woarae emasuh. Isauro   The turtle is sleeping. Example for woar:turtle. Isauro Andrew 2006. Note various spellings.
Woromar rabut ma rimar piris. Isauro   Six snakes and five dogs Example for woromar: six creatures. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Woutungar pirisira ma yam teberiha. Isauro   Hit the dog with your stick. Example for ngar:with. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Yahamat eriri mar ba mangau. Isauro   Man kills animals for food. Example for riri:to kill. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Yahamat hamasuh nibong. Isauro   People sleep at night. Example for yahamat:person, human being, people. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Yahamatakae hetai hochoch wor. Isauro   These people do not eat turtle. Example for hochoch:to eat meat and unprocessed fruit. Isauro Andrew 2006. See Dialogue About Two Words for Eating: mangau and hochoch.
Yai mere, yam irae. Isauro   This is mine, that is yours. Example for mere:this. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Yakisirae efauhuyehi ma ifir pahang. Isauro   That ax is made from iron. Example for pahang:iron. Isauro Andrew 2006.
Youh kopeye. Isauro   The cup is full of water. Example for youh:full. Isauro Andrew 2006.

Updated: August 5, 2009