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Page Twelve: Education

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Sharon Patris Graduation
Sharon Patris, Graduation Day, Xavier, May 2002
Photograph from Tanya Patris
Soty Cover Photograph
Soty Patris, 2002
Photograph from Paul VI School Magazine
Tanya Patris Graduation
Tanya Yangilmau Patris, Graduation Day,
Notre Dame College, Baltimore,
May 2002
Photograph by Soty Patris

Soty at Paul VI School
Soty Patris, 2003
Paul VI Course Registration Guide

Sebastian Marino Graduation
Sebastian Marino
Photograph from Sebas
Huan Hosei
Graduation May 2003

Huan Hosei Graduation   Huan Hosei Graduation
MA in Education Leadership
Photographs from Huan Hosei
Soty Graduation Portrait 2004
Soty Patris
Graduation June 2004

Kyle in K5, 2007
Kyle in K5, 2007
Building the school on Tobi 1968
Building the Tobi school 1968
Steve Glassman & Huana.
Photograph by Jeff Boal

Updated: March 9, 2008