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  • Why did Palau Bridge Collapse? A very interesting article in The Structural Engineer of June 6, 2006 by Chris Burgoyne and Riichard Scantlebury (8 pages) sent by Huan Hosei.
  • Palau Constitutional Convention (ConCon) started May 17. Sebastian Marino is the Hatohobei delegate.  
  • Hatohobei State Election News: Thomas Patris re-elected Delegate.

Sports News & Photos

News Archive
Hatohobei State Elections May 24, 2004 (Marianas Variety, May 6, 2004)
o  Sebastian Marino at a UN biodiversity conference in Malaysia recently
o  Sharon Patris in the 2004 Pacific Island Training Program, Solomon Islands
o  Congratulations to Santo Patris for her Spelling Bee Win!
o  Hatohobei state elections to be held May 24, 2004 (Palau Horizon, 2004)
o  Hatohobei special election on May 26 (Palau Horizon, April 29-May 1, 2003, p. 4).
o  Illegal fishers nabbed in Tobi (Tia Belau, April 18-25, 2003, p. 2).
o  Southwest Islands Surveyed in December (Tia Belau, January 24-31, 2003, p. 7).
o  Echang marina, dock work starts (Tia Belau, January 24-31, 2003 p. 4)
o  Hatohobei State News Clips

 Hatohobei State Law Enforcement Trainees, October 2001.
Governor Sabino and Delegate Thomas Patris in Bali.
o  Foreign Fishermen Get Hard Labor (Tia Belau, March 24-30, 2001, pp. 1, 8).
Sabino efhot ruh. Governor Sabino planting a tree at the opening ceremony of the
       agriculture station in Ngermenglui (March 2001).
News from Tina Rehuher, Director, Belau National Museum (March 2001).
o  Thomas Patris re-elected to OEK (Tia Belau, January 20-26, 2001, pp. 13, 14).    
Southwest Islands Field Trip Advertisement (Roureur Belau, January 18-24, 2001)
Two Volunteers Assist in Hatohobei's Programs (Roureur Belau, January 18-24, 2001)
o  1944 Ngatpang Massacre (Tia Belau, October 21-27, 2000, pp. 1, 11).
Bilateral talks on territorial boundaries (Palau Horizon, August 4-10, 2000, p. 3).
"There's no shoot-to-kill order" - Chin (Palau Horizon, July 21-27, 2000, pp. 1, 15).
Senate visits Southwest States (Tia Belau, June 24-20, 2000, p.5).
Peter Black teaches at PCC (May 2000)A photograph of his class.
Protest at Ngerkebesang (Tia Belau, March 14-18, 1998, p.1, 10, appendix)
The Belle of Tobi  (Pacific Islands Monthly December 1993, p. 21).
From Russia with Hope  (by David North, Pacific Islands Monthly December 1990, p. 16 (excerpt)).

Sports News Archive
 The Patris Twins Weightlifting (Palau Horizon Vol. 5, No. 40, April 15-17, 2003, pp. 11, 12).
o  Photos received from Sebas in February 2002
o  Photos received from Marcus in January 2002: canoeing, wrestling, basketball, baseball, swimming. . .
o  This note came from Dave Sapio on July 26, 2001: The kids did all right in the Belau Interstate Games. Jessica Sumor dominated the swimming and might get to go to the Micro Games in Pohnpei next year. The boys team did well in the long distance paddling, second place. The front page of the Palau Horizon showed the Hatohobei Team during the opening ceremonies carrying their banner.
o  Palau's first Olympians (Anlloyd Samuel & Steven Patris mentioned!) (Tia Belau, December 2-8, 2000).
o  Palau Olympians set Micronesian records (Anlloyd Samuel mentioned!) (Tia Belau, October 1-6, 2000, p. 20).
o  First Palau Olympians off to Sydney (Anlloyd Samuel & Steven Patris mentioned!) (Tia Belau,
August 12-18, 2000).
o  This photograph of the canoe team in 2000 was taken by Margo Vitarelli, Koror, Palau.
  Anlloyd Samuel wins the 2000 PPR Ocean Swim. 

o  Heard on email from Marvin Will:  The Tobi athletes made a name for themselves at the Games, winning 95 medals--by far the most of any state!  Tobi came in fourth overall only because three of the larger teams earned more total points.   And the students from the Southwest performed wonderful dances for the cultural contribution to the games.  They danced to a harmonica and stole the show!!
o  And then Marvin sent this from Tia Belau, July 22-28 (p. 20):  "The 3rd Belau-Mobil Games came to a close on Monday evening, 17 July 2000, at the Palau National Gymnasium.  With 14 States participating approximately 1000 athletes, the Belau-Mobil Games were a definite success
. . . . Hatohobei State dominated with the most medals, a total count of 103; by Peleliu State with 43; while Ngaraad State and Koror State received 42 medals. . . .  However, the State of Peleliu took the Overall Champion earning a total of 173 points, while Koror State came in 2nd place with 168 points, and Melekeok State in 3rd place with a total of 159 points."

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