Andrew Kyoshi Nikolas

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Stella M. Patris:

My grandfather was the funniest person I’ve ever known. I remember my grandfather as the kind of guy who works so hard to support and protect his family. He was kind, funny, handsome, hard worker, and boy did he love partying. Whenever we attended parties he just loved to dance the night away.

What I see in him is my dad. The way he dances, his smiles, and everything you name that is him.

One day my mom and I went to the ceremony for the new ship, I went with grandfather and Sandy to Ngermid so he could change his clothes for the party. So as he came out we went all around Ngermid to get someone to tie his tie, and every house we stopped at and before we left he’d ask that person if he recognized his little Serang and that person would look into the window to look and there I am sitting there smiling away. When we left he looked at me and he hugged me, and as he hugged me I felt warmed in his arms. At that moment I knew that he loved me not only as his granddaughter but his little angel from heaven. I will always love you not only as my grandfather but my handsome prince who saved me from my fears. I love you.  January 17, 2001.

Peter W. Black:

Andy Kyoshi Nikolas was a good friend and I am very sorry to have learned of his death.   When I think of him I remember sailing and fishing, hunting chickens and thatching, drinking coffee, telling stories and working on all kinds of projects with him on Tobi in 1972-1973.  He was about 19 years old then and full of fun and laughter and ideas and songs. “Hanite” was how the old people pronounced his name, and they sure loved eating all that fish and chicken he provided. Then in 1990 when he was working at Fisheries and I was living on Malakal, we had some more good times together.  I last saw him and Serang on the road in Eang below Araki, and we had a nice talk about old times and about Ngermid, where he was living and where Mokirong, my Palauan mother lives. Farewell my friend.  January 16, 2001.

Mike Guilbeaux:

In December, members of CCN were saddened to learn of the passing of Andres Nicholas.  Up until his death, Andres served as a Hatohobei State Legislator and as a member of the Helen Reef Action Committee, and contributed much to current thinking CCN and others have regarding how to improve the management of marine resources at Helen Reef and Tobi.  CCN wishes to extend our sympathies and condolences to all of his family and friends.  His wisdom and wit will certainly be missed by all who he knew.  January 14, 2001.

Marcus Hangaripaii:

Sadly though, this holiday was accompanied with a death of a Tobian community member, Mr. Andres Nicholas. This unfortunate lose was not only a lose to the Tobian community as well as Eang community, but a tremendous lose to the Hatohobei State Government. The whole Palau remember Andres as one of the great fisherman and turtle hunter there is in Palau.  His fishing talent is also a great lose too. As one of the  Legislator in the 6th Hatohobei State Government, Mr. Nicholas is also known for his continued efforts and believes to improve the State Gov't. and the welfare of the community.  Mr. Nicholas also served as a committee member on the ACTION COMMITTEE for the Helen Reef Management Plan.  Again his presence on this committee as well as his great ideas and input for the Helen Reef project is a lose that can't be replaced.  That being said, I am glad to be able to see him, talk with him, joke with him, and to know that while he was sick and dying in the hospital, he still talks about his beloved Island of Hatohobei, and his future dreams of Helen Reef. The man died with great ideas he'd like to do for his state.  In the end, I am honored to be in Palau to mourn his dead with his family and especially his children.  I was even more pleased to pray with him in Sacred Heart Catholic Church for his farewell prayer at 2:00 pm January 3, 2001; and then finally we lay him to rest at the Eang cemetery at 3:30 pm that same afternoon.  Lets all pray that he finds peace wherever he is.  God bless! January 11, 2001.