Don Brenneis sent this map on silk. He got it from a friend whose father was a career Navy pilot and had flown in the South Pacific. This was part of the survival kit for flyers who could be shot down and it shows winds and currents.

Side one shows the Western Caroline Islands and side two shows Palau Island Area and N.W. New Guinea.

Map of Western Caroline Islands

FOTI is working on a better reproduction.

Steve Tripp sent this new image of Tobi from Google Earth..

Tobi Island

Map of Tobi, Tokyo, 1941Fold out map from Nanyo Kohatsu Kabushiki Gaisya 20 Syunen (20th Anniversary of Nanyo Kohatsu Corporation), Nanyo Kohatsu Corporation, Tokyo 1941.   Larger Version
You can find Tobi by following the wide white border of the League of Nations Mandate to the island just before its Southwestern Point. The box with arrow on the left of that island contains no information except that company operations occur there. To the right of that island are the characters for Togobei Hatohobei in Japanese. The map shows shipping lines.
 Photograph taken by Peter W. Black at Belau National Museum, Koror, 2006.
Palau and its place in the Pacific Ocean
Palau & Tobi on a map of Southeast Asia
U.S. CIA 2004
Palau, Helen Reef, Tobi and the Western Pacific   U.S. CIA 1995
Republic of Palau 
Palau Bureau of Lands and Surveys.
Aerial views of Tobi Island and Helen Reef
Developed by Sebastian Marino.
Palau Islands
Helen Reef Place Names
Prepared by D. Sapio, PCV & S. Sakarias, Governor, Hatohobei State.
Helen Reef Soundings in Fathoms
U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office 1944.
Slow File Map taken from Indonesians arrested south of Tobi—shows Tobi, Helen, and Transit Reef (Pieraurou) Sent by Dave Sapio.  
Map of OceaniaLarge File Helen Reef Year 2000 Monitoring Stations
Palau Bureau of Lands and Surveys
Defense Mapping Agency Chart of Tobi
Steven Tripp sent us this scan.
Helen Reef Map
Community Conservation Network.
Relative Size Comparison of Babeldaob & Helen Reef
Palau Bureau of Lands and Surveys.
Palau Area Ocean Currents
Palau & N.W. New Guinea Ocean Currents

Sent by Dave Sapio.
USGS Map of PalauUSGS Coastal & Marine Geology Program, Map of the Philippine Sea, Palau, & Tobi. Steve Tripp alerted us to this map, too.

Map of Oreor Island Topographic map of Koror, Oreor Island, USGS 1983. The capital city showing Echang and Malakal where many Tobi people live (large file). The entire map is a very large file.
A Navy map showing Tobi & Helen & a reef but not where Transit Reef should be. . . .
Steve Tripp sent this map
.Tobi reef
North Pacific Ocean Map North Pacific Ocean, J.W. Norie & Co., London 1821, National Library of Australia. Once you zoom in, you can see Lord North's Island (Tobi) and Helen, called The Helen's Shoal & Reef. The NLA has the map in an interactive mode so you can zoom in and out where you like.

The catalogue entry is here.
Republic of Palau Outline Map
U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1990
Palau, 1970
U.S. National Atlas
Tobi from above
A Landsat image sent by Steve Tripp. Tobi Island
TTPI Map   
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, 1962
TTPI Archives, Map G9405.

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