Word Lists Taken From Eilers
(German translated by Paul Markham and, in some cases, by B.W. Black)

Terms for Fauna (Eilers, 1936:  pp. 40-43)
Terms for Flora (Eilers, 1936:  pp. 43-45)
Terms for the Environment (Eilers, 1936:  pp. 45-47)

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As noted in Eilers, page 40, note 1
:   Unless otherwise noted, all terms are from A. Kramer.  Hambruch (Ham.) got his terms from a 30-year old man who was staying on Yap, though from Tobi, named "Iaraua me soa." Terms taken from Holden by Pickering are given as originally written (Holden, appendix).  Hale’s transcription is appropriately adjusted here, since it mainly was taken from small and capital Greek letters and contained invented letters which required special notation and made printing difficult.

Hale’s careful distinction of vowels made it necessary to give as the sound in "but" and "burne," the a-sound which the German researchers did not notice, but Hale did.

Also note: Ha=Hale; He=Hellwig, E.K.=Elisabeth Kramer; P=Pickering

NOTE from BWB:  I am not able to reproduce some of the special characters used in Eilers, so I have used the English character which most closely resembles them. I have tried to be consistent and per Peter Black, I have replaced the characters which looked a bit like capital X and Y with an h. 

Updated: September 25, 2008