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    Documenting Ramari Hatohobei Project Update: Research Report May 2014
    See the Tobi Language Project page for more details.

    Summary of the Project: 
    Tobian (Ramari Hatohobei) (ISO 639-3: tox) is the language of Tobi, one of the Southwest Islands of the Republic of Palau, a Micronesian nation in the western Pacific.  Severely endangered, Tobian is currently spoken by approximately 150 people.  Tobian and the dialects of Sonsorol, Merir, and Pulo Anna, the other three Southwest Islands, are closely related to the languages spoken in the outer islands of Yap and Chuuk.  Intensive work will be done with elderly Tobian speakers to document their language through collection of vocabulary, stories, poems, and songs in their relevant socio-cultural context before it is lost.

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  • Horofati: The story of how the roof crossbrace got its name.  Told by Isauro Andrew in February 2010.

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