Le Sculpteur de Tokobuei

Paul Jacoulet  
Le Sculpteur de Tokobuei.  Mere du Sud.  The Tokobuei Sculptor.  South Seas.

SEAL: Peony
PRINTER: Onodera, First Printing
Onodera, Honda, Second Printing
EDITION: 350--fewer than 50 impressions
COMMENT: Jacoulet used several new pigments in this work, including a cranberry vegetable dye that reminded him of Angur in the South Seas.  The incredible blue of the water is so different from the blue of the sea off the lighthouse at Shimoda (No. 134) that we might almost be in another world.   The pink clouds in the blazing yellow sky mirror the intensity in the young carver's face.  Jacoulet seems to invite us to contrast the rather crude tourist art with the delicate intensity of a  creator who is unaware of any irony.

Paul Jacoulet

From The Prints of Paul Jacoulet, A complete illustrated catalog by Richard Miles.  London:  Robert G. Sawers Publishing, 1982.  Pages 79, 80, 133.

Updated: June 25, 2020